Gentlemen and Ladies of the 44th Georgia Vol. Inf. Company C

1st Event 2021 Campaign

160th Manassas

April 24-25, 2021
Address: Daniel Lady Farm, Gettysburg, Pa
1008 Hanover Road
**REGISTRATION ADDRESS: 890 Hanover Street, Gettysburg, PA **
**Registration times: Friday: From 8am to Midnight. Saturday: 8am - 1pm **

Daniel Lady Farm Website

Duty Phone number will be 732-801-6019
Weather at this time (04/22/21)
Fri: High of 62, Sunny Evening Low 39
Sat. : High 67 Deg. Cloudy with light afternoon rain. Evening 49 deg. Rain, 12 mph gusts
Sun. : High 64 Deg. Partly Sunny with passing showers. WINDY gusts 31 mph

MEETING Saturday Evening under the fly
DINNER Cpl. Mike is preparing Saturday Evening meal for the Company. Contact him please, privately, if you wish to bring anything to add to his menu. Major component will be STEW.
Covid protocols will be in place. Bring a masK for registration, sutlers and meandering outside of Camp. Or if you are generally Ugly.

- Capt. Art
April 22, 2021 05:30