Our Group History

The 1st. Event at Memory Town 1997

Len Riotto, Bill Sinnett, Clark Van Buskirk, Jeff Waltarhalsky, Dave Steele, and John Mitzack,


We formed the Company in April 1997, at a Red Mill event, in the meeting room of the mill on Saturday night. It was agreed that we would be part of the 11NJ Co E. as a sub committee with Dave Steele as chairman. To be a member you had to be a member of the 11th NJ. The group would be 9th Virginia Co E.

Our first event would be at Memory town in June of 1997. The event had 7 privates attending, with Clark Van Buskirk being elected to the rank of Lut. At the 2 event Mike Ferry was elected to the rank of Sergeant.

Betty Van Buskirk made the company flag for the 9th Virginia.

In Dec 2001, a meeting was held and the unit was reorganized to the 44th Gerogia Company C,. This cut ties from the 11th NJ. You no longer had to be a member of the 11th NJ. There were 11 members at the meeting and all agreed to the change and revised the By Laws. Mrs.Betty Van Buskirk made the 44 Flag, and the 9th Flag was returned to 11th NJ. Dec 2001 we join 8 Bat. We were accepted as a full member of 8th Bat. ANV.

On October 2008 at the meeting at Allentown event we voted to leave 8 Bat. Colonel Boyle were accepted into 5th Reg. Colonel Miller

In January 2012 5th Reg. voted to leave ANV and become an Independent Reg. In October 1st. Sargeant Mike Ferry left the unit and moved to SC. Rick Sasor then moved to 1st Sargeant. In October the 5th Reg. joined Gen. Jackson Crops. December the 44th Georgia Company C 150th flag was flown over a battle field for the 1st time. The flag was made by Betty Van Buskirk.

In January 2017 voted to leave 5th Reg. and was accepted back to ANV 2nd Bgd.

In June 2017 Captain Clark was promote to Major in the 2nd Bgd. ANV, and Art to Captain of the Company.

Gettysburg for the NPS 2 times a year since 1997.

Gettysburg Remembrance Day parade since 1997.

Cedar Creek since 2009.

Gettysburg 140th 145th 150th

1st Manassas 145th 150th 155th

2nd Manassas 150th 155th

Bentonville 140th

Fredericksburg 150th

Chancellorsville 150th

Wildnerness 150th

Cedar Creek 150th

1997 10 men all members of the 11th NJ. 4 CSA events

1998 thru 2001 part of the 11th NJ. avg. 6 CSA events per year.

2002 17 men 8 events 8th Bat ANV

2003 23 men 10 events 8th Bat ANV

2004 21 men 10 events 8th Bat ANV

2005 28 men 11 events 8th Bat ANV

2006 24 men 11 events 8th Bat ANV

2007 30 men 10 events 8th Bat ANV

2008 22 men 11 events 8th Bat ANV

2009 23 men 10 events 5th Reg ANV

2010 27 men 11 events 5th Reg ANV

2011 29 men 14 events 5th Reg ANV

2012 35 men 11 events 5th Reg. Jackson Corps

2013 41 men 14 events 5th Reg. Jackson Corps

2014 37 men 13 events 5th Reg.

2015 37 men 14 events 5th Reg.

2016 25 men 12 events 5th Reg.

2017 24 men 11 events 2nd Bgd.

There has been 92 men that have been on the field of battle while serving with the 44th Gerogia Company C over the last 15 years.

The Original members that are still active are Clark Van Buskirk and Kevin Kehoe. Clark Van Buskirk has served as Captain since the first event 1997, and Major. The 44th Georgia Company C have lost due to death while serving: Frank Zayack in 2000, Derek Kehoe in 2006, Gordon Palmer in 2009, Walter [Walt] Steyker in 2014, Marty Runner in 2016, and Dutch on December 31, 2012 the Company Mascot when to the Rainbow Bridge.

Event 150th Gettysburg the 44th and 30th Va. Just before Pickets Charge