44th Georgia V. I. Co. C "Johnson Guards"



The 44th Georgia Volunteer Infantry Company C. Inc.


To serve as a living conduit back to the CSA soldier in Company C and 44th Georgia Volunteer Infantry through ongoing living history programs, Civil War Reenactments, and educational programs..  To honor, and keep alive the spirit the men of the 44th Georgia Vol. Inf. Company C  To inform the public of their hard life in the field, why they fought, and to inform our members today of the activities associated with and related to Civil War Events


1. Military members must be male and a minimum of 16 years of age.

      a. Musician, and Pioneer with no rank minimum of 12 years of age.

  2. Civilian members are female and children under 12 years old, only without age restrictions must be attach to a active soldier of the 44th GVI Co. C.

      a. Civilian impressions may be limited or not allowed at specific events and approved by the OIC..

3. Members under 18 years of age:

      a. Must have parental supervision at all events.

      b. Parents must sign a liability waiver to enable military impression.

4. All members 16 and older are 1 share holder and have one vote.

5. Membership is when you participate in your first event in uniform, with application and dues are in order. Approval by NCO's before allowed on the field then all members present at end of the day of the event by secrert vote, one black ball will reject  new member.  If accepted the new member will get mud from home then he is a member.

6. Members must participate in uniform at 10% of the event's per year. Always will be adjusted up. example: 11 events you must attend 2 events.  Failure to meet this you will recive a letter with your re/up papers one time.  After the 2nd year droped from the 4th GVI Co. Ct.  Failure to return re/up and dues by April 1, for the year you will be removed from the active membership list.

7. All members must attend 1 ANV or Company Max event per year.

8. All members that are present at an event with the 44th should serve with the 44th.

9. To be issued a discharge the member must submit a letter to the Captain, who will remove the member from the roll, and issue the discharge to that member.


President - Clark Van Buskirk

Vice President – Art Mallette

Secretary - Rick Sasor

Treasurer – Betty Van Buskirk

All members have 1 share of the Company.

ARTICLE #5 Line OFFICERS OF 2018 44th Georgia Co. C.

Major: Clark J. Van Buskirk 

Captain: Art Mallette

1st Sergeant: Rick Sasor

2nd Sergeant Ken Duran

Ordinance Sergeant Kurt Haywood

1st Corporal Jim Marshall

2nd Corporal William Ringel

3rd Corporal Mike Lordi

4th Corporal Clark R. Van Buskirk

If any NCO or officer resign his rank will be replaced by the officers and Sergeant's.


The Company can form committees as they see the need. Two or more members will constitute a committee with one member being appointed chairman. The Company will dissolve the committee upon the acceptance of its finial report.

The Membership Committee is made up by the Officer's and Sergeant's. Their duty is to present the slate of Company NCO Officers for the Company approval.


Yearly dues are set by the 44th GVI. Co. C 2018 dues will be at $20.00. Event registration, rations, may require additional cost from the membership. Membership is from Jan. 1 to Dec. 31 of 2018 year.


All meetings are to be held in camp. Any meeting a quorum is those that are present.

The 2018 yearly meeting will be held at the Cape May event on Saturday at 12:00 PM.

The date and location of all other meetings will be given notice 1 week before the event.

Roberts Rules of Order will govern all meetings.


The BY-LAWS may be amended by a 2/3 majority vote of the active membership at any Company meeting.

This change will not go into effect for one week after said meeting.


Guidelines for establishment of rank at yearly meeting:

9 Members = 1 Major 1st. Lieutenant, 1 Sergeant, 1 Corpoal

10 to 20 Members = 1 Major 1 Captain, 1 Sergeant, 1 Ordinance Sergeant 2 Corporal's

21 to 35 Members = 1 Major 1 Captain, 2 Sergeant's, 1 Ordinance Sergant 4 Corporal's

All military rank will be approved by the Company at the yearly meeting, Approval will be a simple majority of those present.

Once you have served a full year you will hold the rank unless:

1/ You have been removed by the Officer for reason,

2. Not enough events for that year

3.approved by Officer's and NCO's of the Company.

4. If a member resign from the rank, then the rank will be filled by the Officer's and NCO's of Company for the rest of the year.

   Requirements for Approval of rank:

 Major:  2nd Bgd. ANV Staff Officer He must serve a year as Captain.  To collect and send in any money for a paid event. To maintain a roster and records of the unit.  Over all commander of the unit at any event.  To work with the Event, 2nd Btn., and CSA Staff. To make sure all event information is pasted on to Captain.  To insure that the unit maintain the highest quality of standard possible at all time’s. He may Brevet any member one rank above their present rank for a given event. May ask any NCO to move back one rank for a given event. He may give any member duties as he may see the need for example Cook, Provost, Scribe They will retain their present rank

Captain: Three years active member in good standing and competent in the school of the soldier, school of the company, school of officer. Must be able to maintain the military bearing and discipline that the position requires at all times. Must have served as a Private, Corporal, Sergeant, and 1st Lieutenant each for one full year.   Must have attend 90% of the events the past year.  Must procure all uniforms and equipment necessary to accurately portray the position. Must be able to teach all requirements needed to hold all lower ranks. Must be able to work cohesively with other organizations and levels of command when in the field. Must be willing to assume full time responsibility for the welfare and safety of all the men under his command, and the responsibility for Commanding, and managing the Company.

 Must be recommended by the Major and require 2/3 majority of present members.  He must be willing to be present at 90% of the events.

Duties of the rank 1st. Sergeant:  To carry out all orders from the Officer’s The Training of the Corporals. To insure that the camp is in proper order at all times. To maintain a roll of all members at any event. 2nd Sergeant:. To carry out all orders from the 1st Sergeant.

Ordinance Sergeant:  To verify that all the gun's are in good working order of the company. Maintain the Armory while the company is in camp. 

Corporal: No one under the age of 19 can hold rank. Two full years active member in good standing and competent in the school of the soldier. Must be recommend by the Sergeant's. He must be willing to be present at 50% of the events. Must have attended 50% of the events the past year.

Duties of the rank 1st. Corporal [Corporal of the Guard] To carry out all orders from the Sergeant at any event. Overall appearance and security of the company street. If camp guards are to be posted he will post them. Location of all men of the company. The Marshall will report to him. All other Corporal's to carry out all orders from the Sergeant at any event. The Training of all privates in the unit. To insure that the men are in proper order at all times.

Company Brevetted Company Duties for 2018

Scribe: Jim Marshall

Cook: Open

Color Bearer: Open

Provost:  Bo O'Brien:

Wash Ladies: Michele Ringel

Chaplin: Kurt Haywood

Drummer: William Lanza


 All members of Company C will maintain the highest level of personal conduct. Alcohol will not be consumed at any event. All members must obey the commands of the NCOs and officers. Disrespectful or insubordinate behavior towards any ranking individual will not be tolerated. Military organizations are un-democratic. Smoking should be curtailed should never include the use of cigarettes, chewing tobacco, or snuff. Abusive or profane language and behavior will not be tolerated from any member. A family atmosphere will be maintained at all events and programs. Horseplay with or without weapons will not be tolerated from any member. Each member will have a bed roll, and a seat to all events. If a member is not at the Morning Drill He may not fight in the afternoon battle. Members requiring glasses must obtain period spectacles or use contact lenses. Must make physical problems or medical conditions know to the Officer’s and Sergeant's. Violations of proper deportment will cause the offender to be expelled from the event by the ranking Officer. This could lead to expelling from the 44th this is up to the Major and Captain and his action is finial.


Every effort will be made by all members to authentically portray our forebears. The uniform will be that of the ANV 1862-64 Shoulder weapons must be pre 1865 three-band muzzle loading military muskets. Only the Officer's will carry a side arm No belt knives are to be worn.

The size of Company on July 1, 1863 was 35 men. Captain, First Sergeant, 2nd Sergeant, First Corporal, Second Corporal, Third Corporal, and 4th Corporal with 28 Privates. There was 2 Platoons 1 Sergeant, 2 Corporal's, and 14 Privates in each. The 44th can have no more than 35 active men on their rooster at any time with the above rank. Each member will be given the name of an original member of the 44th to portray. Military Jewelry is unacceptable with exception of plain gold and silver wedding bands. Period Masonic emblems for those who wish to display their membership. The personal timepiece of the Civil War was a pocket watch.


The Corporal's are to do training of the membership. ensure safe weapons handling procedures are taught to all members.

The Officer will train the Sergeant's

The Sergeants will train the Corporal's..


Always assume a firearm is loaded. Never point a firearm at another person. Always be aware of the direction your muzzle is pointing. Whenever possible keep the muzzle of the firearm up. Always use elevated aiming techniques during battle reenactments. Do not fire at opposing lines of soldiers at less than 25 yards. Maintain a safe and sensible cartridge Roll paper cartridge tubes from light type paper, secure by twisting, and folding. Power charge to be no more than 60 to 80 grains of 3x black powder. When complete. Cartridges are to resemble arsenal made cartridges. Never assume another person’s firearm is unloaded. Never load a firearm unless your Officer or Sregeant tells you to load or Load after fire on the field, except if told not to load by the Officer, or Sergeant's. Never have a loaded weapon in Camp. Never allow a spectator to take control of any firearm or edged weapon. Load your firearm using approved tactical procedures. You always Must Keep your hand from in front of the muzzle while pouring powder also Keep your hand from in front of the muzzle when returning rammer. You must always maintain a clean and mechanically sound firearm. Your firearm must be cleaned and inspected by you at the start and end of each day’s activities. Never rest any portion of your body over the muzzle of a firearm. Weapon must be secured when it is not in your hands Stacked or Covered and out of sight, or locked in your vehicle. You must abide by all local, state, and federal firearms laws as they relate to pre-1898 reproduction black powder firearms. No one under the age 16 is to handle functional firearm, ammunitions in any form at any time. All guns are to cleaned with in 2 hours of usage, and water placed down the barrel before going home, No exceptions at any time. Black powder must be handled with utmost care. Do not transport more that you intend to use at an event. Never handle black powder near an open flame or other ignition source. Abide by all local, state, and federal laws concerning proper storage and transportation.

No member shall be required to loan his rifle, leathers, rounds, caps or any other equipment to another. Such items are considered personal property of each member. No ill will, punishment or badgering shall be imposed for refusing to loan any and all personal property. No reason for refusal shall be asked, and no reason need ever be given.

All New members, from time of listed start date with the 44th Georgia Volunteer Infantry Company C will be responsible for obtaining an approved model rifle for their use, no later than one year of active membership with the 44th If no rifle is obtained by the active member by one year of service, the member is subject to revocation of the 44th

All New members, from time of listed start date with the 44th, will be responsible for obtaining the proper “leathers” for their use. Leathers includes:waist belt and buckle, cap pouch and cartridge box with shoulder strap. The Leathers must be obtained no later than six months of active membership with the 44th If at the point of six months of active membership, the member has not acquired the approved Leathers for their use, the member will be given a review by the Senior Officers and NCO’s of the 44th to determine if the member will be subject to revocation. A onetime extension of no greater than six months may be granted by the Senior Officers and NCO’s.

All members are to arrive at events READY FOR DUTY.This INCLUDES “rounds” and caps. If a member has not yet purchased his rifle or leathers, he is still responsible for making or purchasing his rounds and caps prior to arrival to the event.

Member that will have no rifle or leathers must notify the 1st Sargent PRIOR to roll call. This must be done for EACH event.

No member of the 44th will take the field without a rifle and leathers.

At Roll Call, those without rifle and/or leathers will keep their hand raised after their name is called. Once Roll Call is finished, those with raised hands will be called to Front and Center. The Ord. Sargent, if available, or the First Sargent, will issue each member a rifle and/or leathers, subject to availability. Leathers are to be loaned with cap box and cartridge box EMPTY. A written record is to be kept of the members name, Item or items loaned, who owns the item loaned. At this time, the First Sargent will assign a Corporal to each man that has been issued equipment. This Corporal will also be noted in the record. The Corporal assigned is responsible for instructing and supervising the member in how to clean and care for the rifle and/or leathers.

Borrowing of rounds and caps from other members is considered a last resort. All means must be made by a member to make his own rounds and purchase his own caps. The 44th regularly has for sale, at cost, FFF Grade Black Powder and approved caps. Paper cartridges can be purchased from members of the 44th who make them for sale, or at sutlers if they are at an event. If a member does not know how to make rounds, a Corporal will be assigned to instruct on how to make them. If rounds and caps are to be borrowed, the member and the loaner must present a written record to the First Sargent stating number of rounds and caps borrowed, method of repayment, and signed by both loner and member. A member can repay in two ways. First, return made rounds, or one tin of powder per 100 rounds borrowed, and purchased caps to the loaner before both leave the event. Second, repay with money. Cost for rounds will not exceed .15 cents per round and .10 cents per cap. Payment is to be made in front of the First Sgt before both parties leave the event. If a member does not settle his dept prior to leaving the event, the First Sergeant will notify the Commanding Officer. The member WILL NOT be loaned ANY equipment or ammunition until his dept is settled with the loaner

Was adopted on December 2, 2001 by the 44 Georgia Vol. Inf. Company C membership.

Rev 18 approved at Cold Spring Village Sept.17, 2017